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Exhibition -Jennifer MacLean...55 years of Watercolour and Weaving!
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Jennifer MacLean is an Australian artist now living and ‘creating’ in Scotland. Her work ranges from her distinctive watercolour paintings to her unique 'organic wall designs' - woven with her own hand spun and naturally dyed wool. Her work derives its inspiration from nature and nature's textures - her subject matter tends to be 'things enduring', (stones, old buildings, vegetation…), and her colour is strong and vital. Above all the feeling one gets from Jennifer MacLean's work is of her genuine and absorbing love of what she is doing.


Jennifer was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1952. A student of the University of Sydney she received her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fine Arts in 1972. After teaching high school art in Adelaide, South Australia for four years, Jennifer traveled extensively in South America, living for some time in Northern Brazil. After spending further time in Spain and Portugal, she took up a position of Community Arts Organiser at the Norwich Arts Centre, Norfolk, England. She now lives with her musician husband in the village of Butterstone near Dunkeld.

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Craigie Dhu.jpg

Craigie Dhu Cottage (1982)

Since 1983 Jennifer’s focus has been on the development of the successful family partnership business Butterstone Management & Events and Butterstone Studios (trading as Dunkeld Records). Her artwork has been woven into many strands of this creative business. Her watercolours have enhanced many of the album covers of her husband Dougie MacLean and her textural weavings have featured as background to photographs, films and TV programmes.


Between 1999 and 2004 her artwork was available direct from their MacLean’s Art & Music Gallery, first in Birnam and then in Cathedral Street, Dunkeld. To this day private sales of her watercolours and weavings have continued, many being sold into private collections mainly in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. 


Over the years Jennifer has had successful exhibitions in Brazil, Holland, Germany, England, Scotland and Australia. Her most recent exhibitions, celebrating "55 years of Watercolour and Weaving" at Cardney Steading, Perthshire in November 2022 and at Birnam Arts, Dunkeld in February/March 2023 were both truly successful.  In fact she achieved higher sales than any other exhibition in the 20 year history of the Birnam Arts gallery! 

Meanwhile the online sales continue and Jennifer enjoys immersion in her artwork as much as ever!

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